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About this course

This is the offense that we will be using this season. It is not very difficult to learn but it requires that the kids learn the system. Please have your child watch thru these videos several times a week so that they can be very aware of what we are trying to do. We only have a limited amount of time to practice and we are trying very hard to put together a winning team.

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Course Structure

Offense Layer 1

Watch and learn this until it is automatic

Offense Layer 2

This builds on layer 1 and discusses posting up and laker cuts. We will be using this but not as much as we will use layer 1 and layer 3

Layer 3

Dribble At - when a player dribbles towards another players position, the person being dribbled at has to cut.... it has to be automatic... everytime... its a rule

Drills and Read Line

If a defensive player steps over the read line aka 3pt line the offensive player must automatically cut.  No signal, no calls, just automatically cut to the basket