Carpet Cleaning Kansas City

Full Service Carpet Cleaning at a Great Price

Why Do So Many of Your Neighbors Use
Midwest Carpet Cleaning ?

Because your neighbors want results. They want clean carpets, stains gone, pet smell taken out, water damage fixed, wine stains removed, and they want it done quickly and for a great price.

Pet Hair Removal

We are able to use a specialized counter rotating brush system to pull as much hair out of your carpet as possible. This is really nice if you are just moving in to a house.

Red Stain Removal

Accidents happen all the time. Whether you have spilled red wine or red Kool Aid we are able to help get it out of your carpet by using a heat transfer process.

Rust Removal

Many file cabinets and metal furniture can leave you with unsightly rust stains. We are able to use a process to get the rust to dissolve away for good.

Pet Urine Odor Removal

If traditional steam cleaning is not able to get out pet urine then we have the solution for you. We are able to flush the urine all the way from the subfloor, through the carpet pad and out of the carpet for good.

We offer a great carpet cleaning experience by focusing on the results. We want your carpet to be as clean as it possibly can be. We pride ourselves on offering the best carpet cleaning available in Kansas City. We want to be more than just another carpet cleaner. We want to be the company that you rely on to keep your family home clean and healthy.



Our Cleaning Process

Pre Spotting

We take the time to walk through with you and inspect your carpet for concerned areas and stains. Then we prepare the stains to be removed.

Pre Treatment

Cleaning carpet is more than just spraying hot water on the carpet and sucking it back up. It is a balance of cleaning chemicals and procedure. PreSpray prepares the carpet for cleaning.

Extraction Rinse

This is the most important part. It removes the suspended soil from your carpet and removes the residues from the pretreat leaving your with residue free clean carpet.

Carpet Protector

Carpet comes from the factory with a protective coating. After a year or two of use your carpet needs to have the protective coating replaced to maintain the protection for the fibers. Do not skip this.